Bitcoin Mixer

Why you need Bitcoin Mixer?

As we know that Each address has a balance, this balance is consists of sum of all transactions and each transaction is stored in a public ledger (maintained in blockchain). This indicate every single move can be seen by anyone, known as pseudonymous. It means that you are not anonymous as your transaction are all publicly connected to one address and information is not save, or in other words it will be an opportunity for hackers to easily steal your information. So, if you want to keep your transaction private, your address should not be connected to you which can be done with bitcoin mixer.

What is Bitcoin Mixer?

The concept behind the bitcoin mixer is that a lot of people sent coins to a platform called mixer. In the mixer these funds arrive and mix together. These mixed coins are then returned to the sender .Thus, no one can determine whose money arrive at which address. Main reason behind mixing is to preserve the privacy of user.

Techniques of Blending

Centralized Mixers

In this coins are receive by users and they sent them alternative coins. However, the mixer platform can easily trackback who is sending the coin and who is receiving. Mixer can provide user data to third parties and users will lose their information.

Chaumian CoinJoin Mixers

A latest mixing method that solves problems in traditional mixing techniques.  For instance, let an outsized group of users cooperate in making one large payment to themselves. Basically, if 100 users all send exactly 0.1 BTC to a replacement address they control, then merge these 100 transactions into one big transaction, everyone gets 0.1 bitcoin back, but nobody can see where they got it from.

Key Features

  • Mixing services for multiple coins

Mixers not only blend the king of cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” but also facilitate Dash and Litecoin. These services makes you more comfortable with the cryptocurrency mixing technique. It will subsequently leads towards more privacy and anonymity.

  • Multiple language support

Generally, bitcoin mixers are multi lingual.

  • Low/Custom fees

Mixers take a mining fee of 0.4 to 4%, it is the least fee charged by any platform. This is the most unique feature as it helps to maximize the security and minimize the chance of attack because attacker don’t know the service fee so he/she can’t analyze or trace  blockchain to find exact amount transferred and even can’t discover your destination account.


People should utilize this kind of service. Spending few dollars in fees can save millions of your future earnings. Hacker’s job to find a way to steal either your money or private details, people should not give them a chance. So, what you people are waiting for? – Fill the short form and boosts up your privacy.

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